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While we agree it’s better and much safer to be personally and physically present when buying land, what happens when you live and work abroad and cannot be physically present to do the transactions? Who handles the money and land transactions on your behalf? So many people have been duped by relatives and friends entrusted to handle money and buy land.

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Below are points you should consider, before, during and after buying the piece of land.

Do your research before buying land. Don’t buy land based on internet pictures only. Tell a family or a friend member to compel the Seller or Agent to make a video recording or pictures of the whole land and surrounding streets, adjacent houses or landmarks etc so that you can make an informed decision. You should know the specific location. Get as many details as possible about the land and the surrounding area.

When you send money to a relative or friend, always send it through a well-known registered electronic money transfer service, that way you can always refer to in case of a dispute.
The money can be sent directly and separately to individual people involved in transaction, instead of sending money to one guy to pay the others.

Remember this, when it comes to land matters and money, deal with people you trust and even though you trust them, take all the necessary precaution to prevent them from diverting the money for their own use. We live in a global village so it’s possible to use modern technology to help you lower the risk of loosing your hard-earned money. You can also involve other parties totally not known to the person that you sent money to. Make them aware that you have sent money so that they can keep tabs on the person and give you periodic reports. The fact that both of them are not close will reduce the chances of them colluding with one another to defraud you.

Also contact a Lawyer and a Surveyor and let them handle the transaction for you by first confirming whether the land is legit to be bought, first and foremost and to provide all legal documents and the surveyor to do a proper survey plan.

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 On the day of the transaction, you should know the date and time so that you will be on conference call with all parties to know what’s going on. Make sure you speak to all parties and the seller personally.

Finally after all said and done, when the land has been bought and all loop holes have been sealed and nobody embezzled your money, please try to put a fence around the piece of land, Put someone there to look after it. With a fence and a caretaker who lives on the piece of land, the land becomes much more safer, especially from land grabbers and con-men, who mostly take advantage of unsecured, unmanned land.

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