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Wood parquet floor, is a floor made of short strips of wood,the strips gives a beautifully pattern on the floor.The best strips of wood strips are one made of hardwood, common are mahogany wood parquet.

What can a cause wood parquet to come off?

1. Water/Moisture

Wood parquet worst enemy is water or moisture. If water or liquid spills on parquet and left on the surface and manages penetrate beneath the parquet, the wood may absorb water and warp, this will weaken the adhesive bond between the parquet and floor screed hence the strips may start to come off. In case the moisture was caused by a leaking plumbing or drainage pipe, and then the pipe has to be fixed first, before repairing the wood floor.

2. Poorly Done Floor screed.  Wood floor.

The adhesive is spread on floor screed and parquet strips lay on the adhesive. If the cement screed was not done well, the parquet won’t last long, it will come off. Some of floor screed defects are.

Poor cement sand ratio. When ratio is week, parquet strips won’t stick on floor screed, actually the floor screed will come off with parquet stuck to it.

Un even floor screed will show on the laid parquet, lifespan of the parquet on uneven floor is very short.

                                 Planning for the wood parquet repair.

  • If you are buying new parquet, then the parquet to be replaced should be of the same design and type as the old type. In the market the most common types are the three finger and five-finger wood parquet.
  • Buy the right adhesive, specifically manufactured for wood floor.
  • Get the right carpenter for the job.Qualified and experienced.

                            Steps to repairing wood parquet

 Step 1.Removing the damaged parquet.

Check out the floor for any movement or uneven surface. Carefully remove the damage parquet; if it’s a small area then care should be taken, while removing the parquet, because the same will be put back on the floor, if its big area then new one maybe bought.

Step 2.Leveling the screed.

Make sure the ground receiving the parquet if evenly leveled. If the cement screed has come off then it should be repaired with the right ratio of cement sand screed and left to dry before applying the adhesive.

Step 3.Clean the floor screed.

When the floor screed is completely dry, remove all dust or dirt on it, so that the glue can bond well with the cement screed.

Step 4.Re-installing the wood parquet.

After checking the existing pattern, spread the right amount of adhesive glue evenly on the floor. Lay the parquet, following the pattern. Try to reduce the gaps between strips as much as possible.

Step 5.Sanding and Sealing the wood floor.

Sanding is done 24hours after re-installing the wood parquet on floor. The first sanding, use the rough sand paper. Mix the wood waste from sanding with the parquet adhesive and fill the gaps between the strips, wait for around 30 minutes and sand it down. Use the smooth sand paper for the last sanding.

NB.It’s always advisable to sand the entire area; the new and old parquet should be sanded, for a uniform finish.

Step 6.Polishing the wood floor.

When the floor is dust free, apply first coat of the right vanish made for wood floor. Let it dry and apply another coat to give it the gloss required.








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