Factors to Consider when Fabricating Steel Windows. Leave a comment

Steel windows are common in many buildings. From experience  fabricating steel windows is  a bit  challenging. The welder if not managed well, can really disappoint very much. Be extra careful when choosing a welder for your windows. Check for reliability, honesty and competence. Below are some factors to consider when fabricating your windows.
Security aspect.
1. What is the size of the window? It should be stated clearly in the contract document.
2. What is the size/thickness of steel to be used for internal and external partitioning? Very important also.
3. What is the size of internal partitioning to be adopted?
The above questions are very important, because their specification determines the strength of window. You don’t want partitions that can allow a thief to enter with easy, windows should be securely built.
It should function properly.
The core function of the window is to let in light and allow movement of air in and out of the house.
Design the right size of window, small windows are not advisable, very big window sometimes also is a security threat.
Window should have small fixed ventilation at the top and center of the window; this is to allow air movement even when the window is closed.
The window should close tightly and not allow rain water into the house.
The entire window should not be twisted.
The window handle and window stay should function properly. The welder should have a sample of window handle and window stay to test each and every window, after they have been fixed on wall. It’s only then that he can get his last payment.
Use the right and strong hinge/bush, which can swing well. The wall pass (piece of metal welded on four corners of window, for anchoring window to the masonry wall) should be at least inches long, it should be made like a cross, so that the window is firmly fixed into the wall.
Fine workmanship.
Apart from security and lighting function, window should be design to please the eye.
The workmanship should be of high quality. The outer frame should be completely equal in measurements, with right angle corners. The internal partitions or grills also should have equal measurements, with right angle at each corner.
All steel joints should be welded properly, without leaving gaps. No spot welding for joints. Properly welded joint is neat and even add to the strength of window and increase the lifespan of the window.
The welder should grind and smoothen the entire window, and use metal filler to seal all holes or dents.
The contract should state who will shoulder the cost of transporting the finished windows from the workshop to the site?
All the factors above generally apply for steel doors, gate and other steel works.

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