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Why Hydraform interlocking blocks?

Hydraform interlocking block is walling material made of three inputs, namely soil that can be sourced on site, a small amount of cement that provides stability to the blocks, and water.
The machine from making the blocks are currently available in all county offices in the ministry of housing. This is a diesel machine. The county government gives the hydraform machines for free; you only cater for transport to and from their offices. You also fuel it on daily basis when in use. Locally there are also manual making blocking machines.
The machines have the capacity to produce between 800 and 1,000 blocks per eight-hour shift.
This building system has been extensively tested for structural strength and durability, as well as for fire, rain and sound resistance.Hydraform Interlocking Blocks

Advantages  of Hydraform Interlocking blocks.

• Hydraform Interlocking Blocks save on Mortar & Plaster cost, you don’t use mortar to bond it together, it has tongue and groove joints that form interlocking masonry wall. When it comes to plaster you also save since the interlocking wall doesn’t have big holes that need to be covered with mortar when plastering. You also have an option of not plastering, because the wall looks beautiful even without plaster on it.
• High Finish design & Aesthetics/
• Speedier Construction, because, there is minimum mortar is used, only before the first course, after that it’s just laying on top of each other, without cement.
• Unskilled / semiskilled workers can also make blocks and masonry
• Cost Efficient. It saves the cost of walling by about 50% as compared to conventional blocks or stones.
• Hydraform Interlocking Blocks is environment Friendly,by saving trees – No Burning of Bricks required/
• Independence to make at site of construction
• Training and technical support from the county officials when making the hydarform  interlocking blocks and also when building the house.
• Interlocking Shear key makes masonry Earthquake resistant
• Hydraform Interlocking Blocks is International proven product used in more than 50 countries.
• Compatible for both Load bearing and for In fill applications
• Can be used without plastering
• Lighter than conventional masonry
• Conduits / Plumbing possible.
• Hydraform interlocking blocks and masonry are compatible for Green Building.

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